Jr. Brick Robotics

Whether you’re a serious LEGO® builder or not, Brick Botics lets you try your hand at making movable LEGO® creations. It’s hands-on, minds-on, non-stop building, and then they move! Follow the innovative WeDo software to create drumming monkeys, chomping alligators, and even an entire soccer game, cheering fans and all. Use the drag and drop software, motors, sensors, personal imagination, and creativity to make your creations spin, jump, chomp or whatever you can program. We won't stop there, try other robotic patterns or create your very own!

Jr. Brick Robotics Advanced

Note: Campers must attend out Jr. Brick Robotics camp before this camp
We've introduced you to Jr. Brick Robotics and you now want more. We're still programming with Scratch, but with an expansion kit we're now building much larger creations, making them move, analyzing their movements and using your own creativity to make them big, better, faster or stronger. Imagine yourself at the top of a giant ferris wheel, or learning the idiosyncrasies of a drawbridge, or in an actual drag race with your friend. The equation on this one is easy - more LEGO® + larger builds = LOADS OF FUN! *Lego® is a trademark of the Lego® Corporation

Jr. Paleontologist

This camp offers an exciting introduction into the basics of paleontology! This exciting adventure in paleontology will have your child playing in the dirt and having the time of their lives! Campers will be immersed in several hands-on projects that they will take home to continue their adventure. Plus this camp offers fun and dynamic science games!

Sample Projects:
Panning for Gems and Minerals! Crack Open a Geode! Miniature Dinosaur Dig! Build and take away a cool T-Rex Model!

Jr. Robot Inventor

This camp is an introduction into the world of robotics. Campers work with the six simple machines changing them into more complex machines. Campers will also learn about circuits and power sources as they build our “Mars-like” RC Rover. The radio-controlled RC Rover is capable of performing 23 experiments and activities. Campers will also have fun constructing our Aluminum Can Robot.

Jr. Scientist

Every mature scientist started out as a Jr. Scientist. This camp was developed with fun and excitement for the developing mind of the 6-8 year old. Amazing activities such as Wurmz and Dirt, Super Bouncing Balls, Driving Submarines, Wacky Window Paint and more foster hands-on, minds-on learning experiences for these big scientist want-to-bes. Your Jr. Scientist will not want to miss this camp!

Jr. Video Game Maker

Click and drag video game creation for campers that are 7-8 years old. Unleash your child's imagination! Campers can create their ideal video games with just a click of a mouse. Campers design several uniquely playable games without needing any programming knowledge or artistic skills. The program campers use was designed by MIT, specifically for young video game creators. Children can download their game to a portable drive if they bring one in at the end of the week.

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